Month: October 2017

There are many religions on this our Mother Earth. It would take many, many years of studious scholarship to determine in a pin-point manner why this is the case.

But if truth be told, religion started from the moment the man and his woman first opened their eyes and experienced their first sunset. And if they were still awake after their exhausting first day on Mother Earth, they could have witnessed something really awe-inspiring.

They would have witnessed the glittering glare of the full moon. It has become an influential and inspirational and elemental aspect of a number of religions since the dawn of time. Two pivotal religions in this regard come to mind. One is hundreds of years old. And then there is the twentieth century resurrection of Wicca. Truth being told, Wicca, as a form of religious practice, is thousands of years old.

And like most of the world’s religions, Wicca has had its fair share of evil manipulation as a means to an end for man’s greed and self-centered intentions. And this is something about religion that is often not appreciated. Dark forces can enter your life in the most profound and unfortunate and unexpected ways. It may even seem mundane at times; in the sense that all you have to say about your day is that you have had a rather uneventful day. That is putting it mildly because many of you have had rather horrible days.

But something was missing.

Anyone care to gather a guess? It would also take years of study to determine exactly why many religious clerics and disciples and devotees have ditched the habit of dealing directly in mystical practices.

Such as the practicing of miracles. And the casting of spells. But practiced Wicca disciples are doing just that. For those of you who, like many, are lacking in fundamental love in your life today, why not approach a Wicca practitioner and ask her to talk to you about the casting of love spells wicca style.

Only those who have been through the experience can truly tell you how Wicca love spells can change lives, mostly for the good. Two color-coded spells continue to do the rounds. White magic spells are set to endure for many years still as more and more men and women come to realize the validity of Wicca as a religion. Black magic spells, however, could be practiced more widely only until such time that belief and understanding and appreciation of its formidable abilities are realized.

love spells wicca

White magic spells are well motivated with all the best intentions in the world. It relies a lot on the forces of Mother Nature. Black magic goes well beyond our earthly life into realms we do not yet know about or understand. Both, however, can be applied to bring forth love. That is possible if you are dealing with a qualified devotee. And not through the proverbial dabbling in the occult.

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